Our Services

Success is what each and every individual dreams of. The reason behind achieving success is dedication, hard-work and the hunger to complete our goals. With success comes reputation, NP group has been successful in achieving both. One of the reputed groups of Bhilwara, NP group is associated in works like Society Welfare, Educational Programmes & News Broadcasting. We have decided to provide a source of permanent income to the talented & hardworking youth of this country through our digital platform. We want to assists in the development and rapid growth of our country through social services & digital platform.

NP Multivision Pvt. Ltd.

NP Multivision PVT. LTD. is an online platform that provides you an never ending earning opportunity. A place where an individual can complete his or her dreams and also assists others to complete their dreams too. An overall platform to turn dreams into reality.

NP Education

Np Education is an online platform to learn and develop in fields like skills, personality, technical & social services. With time, it will be in top centers and will lead India to top in sectors like skill & health.

NP Social Welfare

NP welfare society is indulged in social welfare works like donation, providing education to poor, shelter house for orphans, environment conservation & programmes. We have the aim to provide a source of income to all the people of our community.

NP News

With motive of spreading to every region, NP news has been successful in creating its name in Rajasthan. As the time passes by, we will try to reach each and every individual of country and try to update them regarding every sector of India.