About us :

Success is what each and every individual dreams of. The reason behind achieving success is dedication, hard-work and the hunger to complete our goals. With success comes reputation, NP group has been successful in achieving both. One of the reputed groups of Bhilwara, NP group is associated in works like Society Welfare, Educational Programmes & News Broadcasting. We have decided to provide a source of permanent income to the talented & hardworking youth of this country through our digital platform. We want to assists in the development and rapid growth of our country through social services & digital platform.

Mission & Vision

MISSION: To create a community where every individual is stable and have a permanent source of income. Also, to develop a society where everyone grows together.

VISION: To help in the accomplishment of goals of talented youth of this country. Also, to provide economic freedom, employment, education & social service to each and every individual of India.